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Diesel & Automotive Repair & Preventative Maintenance Services in Highland, IL

We offer the best diesel & automotive repair service in the Highland, Illinois area! We have been in service for 25+ years and always make sure our customers leave our repair shop happy and safe. We can provide entire diesel repair, maintenance and rebuild needs. With our expertise we will have you back on the road soon! Our most popular services include:

Diesel Truck Repair Services of Highland, IL

Problems occur and are sometimes inevitable. We are familiar and skilled to handle all diesel repair engine solutions! Our mechanics are familiar with just about everything! Our goal is to get you back on the road in a safe and timely manner. With our expert auto repair skills, we will do just that. We also recommend that you get your Diesel Particulate Filters cleaned. Talk to use about our cleaning services, we can clean, and service all makes and models!

diesel truck repair in highland il

If you sense that your vehicle is not operating as it should, bring it to Mikes Diesel & Automotive for a free estimate. It is better to catch the issue before it fails. This makes for a shorter service time and more time on the road. Call our shop today to schedule a service.

Affordable Diesel Automotive Service Highland, IL

As part of our customer satisfaction, our experienced crew strives for complete service at a competitive price. Diesel automotive is tricky and needs to be done right. That is why our team is the best in the area in providing expert service at an affordable, competitive rate. Everything you need will be mentioned up front, so you know exactly what is going on with your vehicle. If you live in Highland, Illinois and need diesel repairs or other diesel automotive repairs, please call Mike’s Diesel & Automotive Repair, Inc!

Mike’s Diesel Repair

We provide service in Pocahontas,IL, Highland, IL, Greenville, IL and the surrounding communities.

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